You Know It’s Time to Sell Your Business

Are These Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night?

  • I've never sold a business before.

  • I don’t know what I don’t know.

  • I feel overwhelmed.

  • Is it time to sell? Is it ready to sell?

  • Who will Buy it? What are they looking for? Will they pay my price? Can I convince them to pay my price?

  • I have a Partner to consider.

  • This is my one shot for a comfortable retirement fund and I can’t afford to blow it.

  • I need to maximize company value.

  • I'm too busy running the company.

  • I think selling is easy and I can wait until I'm ready.


Thinking Deeply About The Company

Quickly develop a clear understanding of the company side of selling your business and become much more confident about the journey ahead of you.

Here’s How Thinking Deeply About The Company Is DIFFERENT

  • Ideal for first time seller AND self-paced to fit into your schedule.

  • Offers self-reflection exercises to address both personal AND company challenges and opportunities.

  • Based on conversations with thousands of business owners interested in selling their businesses.

  • Based on more than 25 years of working with small and medium-sized business owners.

  • Coaching + virtual course work combined providing the BEST chance for success.

  • Your expert guide has the real-life experience that comes from selling companies successfully, as well as allowing you to learn from the potential pitfalls and mistakes!

After finishing the course you will have gained:

  • A clear understanding of what Buyers want.

  • Insights into what Buyers are thinking and how they perceive you and your company.

  • The confidence in knowing you have already prepared your company to be much more attractive to good Buyers.

  • A better idea of what type of sale will work best for you.

  • A much clearer understanding of the company side of selling your business and what needs to be done.

  • A head start on the company stuff you need to think about and actions to be taken.

  • A realistic timing for this part of the journey.

  • Overview of resources required.

  • And best of all a comfort level that comes with eliminating the overwhelm that may have held you back from starting the process to sell your business.

The Juicy Details: What's In The Course

3.1 - What Many Business Owners Want Is...The Trifecta of Transition
It's not complicated really. We've spoken with hundreds of Owners and it typically comes down to these three wants.

3.2 - 20 Hard Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting The Selling Process
Ask yourself these 20 questions. Be completely honest. It's a quick score and an easy way to see how a Buyer will perceive your company. 

3.3 - Which Is Right For You? Asset Sale Vs Share Sale
You've heard the terms before but may not be completely aware of what they mean and which is best for you.

3.4 - Share Sale LOI - Sample Letter Of Intent
Sample document to copy. So you know what might be coming.

3.5 - Asset Sale LOI - Sample Letter Of Intent
Sample document to copy. So you know what might be coming.

3.6 - Get On The Same Page As Your Partner(s)
While every situation is a little different, some long term business relationships are better than others. But then comes the time to end this 'marriage' of sorts and move into the next phase of your lives. 

3.7 - What Sellers Are Thinking vs Buyers - A Reality Check
Buyers and Sellers see things differently. Buying or Selling a business raises many questions. The following is very top level and each buying and selling situation is very different. Nobody really has the upper hand. Each side has its own set of challenges to deal with.

3.8 - Consider Buying Your Competitors To Grow
Forward thinking business Owners are doing 'roll-ups'. Growing by acquisition, buying up the local competition or complementary companies. 

3.9 - When You Don't Know What You Don't Know
When we're unsure of ourselves, many of us go to extremes. We freeze up or boldly move forward unprepared. 

3.10 - Are You A Peaceful Seller Or Selling Under Pressure?
Most Owners are first time Sellers possibly like yourself. If you've done any research into selling, you know there's a world of landmines waiting for you. Even for the savviest Owner, obstacles to a successful sale are wide and deep. You need to be honest with yourself, to know who you are and how you will be perceived by Buyers and Intermediaries.

3.11 - Are You Running Out Of Runway?
Feeling tired and not prepared to do any more work on the business? Maybe you waited too long to sell and the end is still not in sight.

3.12 - Thank You For Making Money
Some business Owners want to grow their company while others don't. Here’s another way to look at growth.

3.13 - Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself
Buyers want to know why you do what you do. They know what you do, but not necessarily why. They also want to know why you're selling. Where you fit within the company day to day. And many more questions.

3.14 - It's Not Ok To Wait Any Longer
You can deny it all you want. But if you're a Boomer Aged Business Owner, you know it's time to transition. More than likely you're already taking some of the steps needed to move on with the next exciting stage in your life.

3.15 - Determining Your Best Before Date For Selling
Many businesses have a best before date to sell. It may be best to sell before these 7 events occur.

3.16 - How To Run And Sell Your Business
Many Sellers have tried to stick to their normal workload and simultaneously run their business while attempting to sell it at the same time. This decision can end in failure or at the very least an exhausting and confusing experience. Find out how to make it work.

3.17 - How To Know When It's Time To Sell
Should I stay or should I go? It's all about exploring options, making incredibly important decisions and moving yourself forward.

3.18 - 7 Main Types Of Buyers
You need to understand who you're selling to and how they differ from one another. They all have their own agendas as do you. Selling successfully has always been dependent on knowing your target audience.

3.19 - Understanding What Buyers Want
In a recent survey, Buyers of businesses were asked to identify the single biggest concern they had about purchasing a company. Overwhelmingly 75% said that finding the right business was key. 

3.20 - Challenges Buyers Face With Sellers
Granted Buyers see the situation a little one sided so, for Owners, take this section with a tiny grain of salt. 

3.21 - Choosing What To Do After Selling Your Business
'If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.' Lewis Carroll. At this stage in your life (selling your company) you have many choices, but the big question is what do you want? Sometimes the obvious is not the real answer. 8 key questions to ask yourself.

"I Trust Eric to Help Me Get the Right Things Done at the Right Time."

"I have been working with Eric for a while now and find him to be second to none when it comes to guidance, coaching, planning and overall depth of business knowledge.  In previous coaching experiences, I was often left feeling intimidated, dumb, or 'unheard' especially if my thinking didn't line up with their cookie cutter plan. After working through things with Eric, I often feel energized and confident and will look forward to our next discussion.  I have NO reservations in trusting him to help me get the right things done and at the right time to make my business more valuable."
Doug Cooper, CEO / Owner at World Water Operator Training Company Inc., Windsor, Ontario

Hi I’m Eric Gilboord.

As the Founder and CEO of WarrenBDC, a business selling consultancy. I’ve worked directly with hundreds of business Owners on selling their company. Some successfully, others not.

After speaking with thousands more I determined that a strong sense of overwhelm fueled by a fear of the unknown or a misguided thinking that it’s easy to sell your company and you can wait to start any time are the 2 main reasons keeping ‘First Time Sellers’ from taking the business selling journey.

I created this course to educate both groups. To provide a process for Owners to follow leading them to a successful sale of their company.

I'm a speaker and best selling author of 4 books on growing and selling companies and the creator of hundreds of articles. Heard on podcasts, seen in national newspapers and magazines, online and read by over 17,000 business Owners for my advice regularly via my weekly emails.

My new book 'Moving Forward' is written specifically for Boomer Aged Business Owners to help them through the preparation and selling process.

I speak live and via media to groups of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners on growing and preparing their businesses for sale and selling successfully.

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Questions You May Be Thinking About

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! You can opt for the 2 x monthly payments of $747 or save with the 1 x payment of $1397.

  • How long will this take?

    That depends on how much you want to get out of the course.
    Your personal state of mind on selling and how invested you are in selling.
    The current condition of your company.
    How much experience you have with selling a business.
    You CAN get through this specific course in 1.5-2 hours. HOWEVER it is important to give yourself the time to learn AND implement what you’re learning, so set aside some time each week to work through the course.
    The entire program of 4 courses will take 8-10 hours.

  • Why can’t I just hire someone to do this?

    Business Broker and M & A firms are typically interested in the transaction only. They are not equipped nor are they interested in the preparation work. You might get some superficial suggestions but the help stops there.

  • Can I use this course with my selling team?

    Yes! In fact it’s recommended that you use staff or non-staff to collaborate in this process.

Why Now Is The Time to Get Started

  • It is a very competitive market for business sellers. The reality is that 65% of all established businesses are owned by those 55+ years old. The average age of an Owner in this group is 67. Due to normal aging a huge turnover is coming and regardless of whether you think it’s easy or hard to sell your company you can’t afford to wait any longer.

  • Lots of Buyers looking for great Sellers.

  • If you want to sell for more preparation is key to increasing the value of your company.

  • It typically takes 3-5 years to be completely out of your company. There's no time to waste!